I am a twenty-something Londoner, having been born and raised in Surrey – currently travelling the globe! I studied to become a teacher, became a teacher, but sadly an un-relenting workload (and a few other things) then led me to fall out of love with my career. So I decided to take a break and become a Nanny whilst I got my head straight, but guess what? I loved it! Unsurprisingly, I stayed on for a few years until my contract came to an end and then I packed up a rucksack and decided to go see the world. I am now having daily adventures and working on developing my photography skills and my blog – and I’m loving it.


The Drifting Millennial is very much based on my own life and experiences that I have personally gone through. Named as such because I am just that: a millennial who was feeling a little lost in life, drifting from pillar to post whilst haphazardly attempting to achieve all of the things that a twenty-something is supposed to achieve. Which is a lot, don’t you think? It puts a terrific amount of pressure on us as individuals and can sometimes be a little overwhelming, which is where I would like my blog to come in. I want to share with you my own dreams and dilemmas in life in the hope that we can come together and empower each other to work towards the same goal: to kick-ass and live the life we want!