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I’m always flattered to receive samples from brands and I’m very grateful for the mail that I receive. However, please note that I will only feature products that I support and of which I feel represent me as a person. Ultimately if you feel that your brand will do just that, please do get in contact with me. I’d love to work with you.


If you are interested in sponsored content, collaborations, guest posts or campaigns, please drop me an email with your suggested proposals. It would be great to hear from you! I will of course only work with brands/products that I feel will channel my own energies and passions, though. After all, this is a blog focussed on expressing thoughts from to my own mind and heart – and I wish to stay true to that.


Events are a fantastic way to network and meet people so I always love receiving invitations. Of course, I will do my best to work them into my schedule.


A large part of my blog is dedicated towards recommending travel destinations as well as creating guides for those areas. In addition, all of the content is made up of my own opinions that I’ve gathered through my own experiences in those places. It’s a great passion of mine to do as such! Therefore if you are interested in having me visit and write about a certain place, please do get in contact! It would be an honour to have the opportunity to experience more.


My posts and photographs are my own work and are not to be copied. However, they may be shared if linked back and credited to myself (the author).

All of my posts are entirely my own, made up of my own opinions.

I will only feature content that I genuinely would spend money or time on myself. Whilst I would love to feature every offer, I have to be selective in terms of what best fits me.

Furthermore, if I discuss a product of my own accord, it’s because I’ve used it and loved it enough to write about it. Some links on my site are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase a product through my link, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to yourself. I use this money to financially support my blog and the experiences I have to curate such posts. So please use them if you feel like something has grabbed you!

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