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Lake Bled – Round Two

I’m sat clutching a cup of tea on this dreary, rainy Monday morning in London, reminiscing about an incredible trip I took this summer with my best friend.

We travelled around Croatia (incredible, amazing, tres magnifique), but right now, I’m thinkin’ ‘ bout Bled. I’ve already made a blog post prior to this about how much I love Lake Bled, but I couldn’t help myself, I went back for round two. This time was a whole new experience because firstly, I had my best friend, and secondly, it was summer. The lake was glistening, the sky was azure blue, the sun shone down on our backs as we rowed across the water and sunbathed on the pier, and the beers were cheap. So all was wonderful. But seriously, Bled is the kind of place that is going to be beautiful all year round. However, having experienced spring and summer, I have got to say that summer wins hands down. It is still at the top of the list for favourite places that I’ve been and seen and it is a place that you’ll never forget.

Things to do –

  • Hike to the viewpoint
  • Rent a rowing boat and sail to the island in the middle of the lake
  • Throw your clothes off and dive right in, the water is great!
  • Go to the pizzeria and order pizzas bigger than your head and red wine by the litre… What could be better?

Oh, and the hike to the viewpoint, the one that has you almost crawling up on your hands and knees over crumbling rocks and never seems to end… is SO worth it. Life’s a climb, but the view’s great.


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  • AbbyJo

    Love your post! Keep it up 🙂 Hope to visit here one day!

    9th October 2017 at 10:40 pm Reply
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