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Why It’s Okay To Cut Yourself Some Slack

So, I don’t think I’m wrong to assume that we all go through those moments in life. You know, those moments where you constantly beat yourself up about doing or not doing something.

Like… Why did I eat all that pizza? Why didn’t I go to the gym today? Why did I buy that? Why didn’t I have a healthier breakfast? Why didn’t I go to bed earlier? Why did I Facebook stalk my ex?

All of life’s unanswered mysteries. Except… they’re not really mysteries.

We are so incredibly harsh and abusive towards ourselves, never cutting our mind or body any slack. We tell ourselves that we’re all these terrible things: lazy, unhealthy, needy, unmotivated, glutinous and excessive. Yet, these are attributes that you would never even allow your worst enemy to shout at you without getting on the defence to argue back that you most definitely are not, so why do you then go and call yourself these exact same things on a daily basis? It’s crazy, right? And you don’t deserve it.

Eating a pizza is not glutinous – maybe you craved it, maybe you were out in a restaurant and you had heard good reviews, or maybe you just wanted a goddamn pizza?!

Skipping the gym is not lazy – maybe you already worked out twice this week, maybe you killed it at work and you were exhausted, or maybe you were just too busy slaying every other aspect of your life to spare time to go?!

And buying something you didn’t necessarily need is not excessive or indulgent – girl, you go to work to earn money, you deserve to spend it!

And you also deserve to cut yourself some slack. We work hard every day: to be healthy, to do the right thing, to eat and exercise right, to kill it at work, to meet targets, to earn (and save) money, and we work hard to just be successful.

I’ve only just realised that I’m an adult – if I want/need to spend a Sunday in my PJs, binge-watching Netflix and eating ice cream, catching up on that book that I haven’t picked up in six weeks, or JUST SLEEPING, then I absolutely, big fat yes, CAN DO JUST THAT. No one is there to stop you except your own guilt-harrowing mind. But why feel guilty? If your body is craving it or if that is simply what makes you happy, then don’t let anyone (including your own self) tell you otherwise.

Sure, I am far from having a perfect, shiny, happy mind that doesn’t whisper negative things to me occasionally, but I have been so much more at peace by allowing myself these little moments of tranquility and happiness. And I know that you’re going to smirk and roll your eyes the second that you read this next quote, but whatever, it is relevant af right now, and that is – life is too short.

Enjoy the occasional moments when you do finally cut yourself a bit of slack, because more likely than not, your body needs a rest. And it can’t rest if you’re beating yourself up over the fact that you’re spending 6 hours straight watching Peaky Blinders instead of meal prepping steamed broccoli (srsly though, you should watch Peaky Blinders).

Take a deep breath, relax and do what you love.

by order of the peaky blinders


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