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I have just returned from the beautiful hot Jávea, where I spent a week exploring the ancient little towns and relaxing on the beaches. I would thoroughly recommend it as a cheap little getaway as the weather is pretty much guaranteed to be gorgeous sunshine and it is such a peaceful break from the hustle and bustle of London.

I am now planning my next trip and I am (of course) tempted to return to Spain. There is just something about the Spanish air and the way of life, their beautiful architecture and food and wine… Speaking of wine, La Batalla del Vino festival is held in Haro next weekend, with festivities beginning on the evening of the 28th July. It is exactly as it says on the tin – a battle of wine! Party goers arm themselves with anything at all that they can use to spray others with wine (water pistol anyone?!) and then after a few hours of getting and giving a good soaking, everyone returns to the Plaza de la Paz where food and drink and traditional Spanish entertainment begins.

I mean… this sounds like something that my dreams are made of…


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