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My Favourite Pieces Of Tech To Travel With

My Favourite Pieces Of Tech To Travel With

Travel is perhaps one of the times in my life where I actually rely most on technology. Away from work, I have more time on my hands to blog. Seeing amazing sights every day, I am more inclined to use my camera. And long journeys call for the need for entertainment! Welcome to the age of technology! We love our gadgets and electronics, don’t we? Myself included. I have a few firm favourites that I carry about everywhere with me, especially on long travel journeys. Here are My Favourite Pieces Of Tech To Travel With.

Macbook Pro

I honestly can’t fault this laptop. It’s 4 years old now and I haven’t had anything go wrong with it. It’s such a solid, reliable piece of tech and I’ll forever be a Mac convert. If you’re considering getting one, then I absolutely urge you to do so. I never used to take it away with me but since I have been more serious about blogging, I keep it with me in my carry-on rucksack and I get it out when I’m on the road. It’s also pretty nice to occasionally watch a movie on when you’re too travelled out to do anything else!

I also bought a shorter charging cable as it’s more compact and easier to transport in my hand luggage.


I always carry my phone about with me, primarily for safety reasons. I don’t update update it with local sim cards, I instead rely on WiFi. Whilst this can be annoying, it actually makes me pocket my phone and see the world more. I’m sadly one of those people who uses a phone way too much in day to day life so when I’m travelling it’s good for me to have a break. My current sim tariff does allow me to use data etc, but for a small fee each day. So in the case of a necessary need to use my phone, I can. iPhones are awesome though, I’d struggle to use any other phone. It’s been my go-to for the last 8 years – mostly because it’s fool-proof and I struggle with complicated tech!


I have a Nikon D5600, which I love more than life itself. It’s a great camera body with really easy-to-use features and functions. It serves me perfectly for everything I need.

I also carry a GoPro Hero 6 for underwater and sports shots, where my Nikon would be too bulky/fragile. This is perhaps my most favourite toy of all. I feel like a big kid when I’m playing about on the GoPro! It’s such an amazing piece of tech and so incredibly versatile. I recommend it for any travel photographer who likes to get cool action shots!


I have an annoying ability to lose all of my headphones, so I carry around classic iPhone headphones. However, if I had the money to invest, I would have Beats. My brothers both have sets and they have such incredible sound quality and great battery life. They’re also great for if you end up in a rather noisy hostel


How boring my life would be without books! Sadly, I can’t carry paperbacks and hardbacks around in my rucksack as it’s not at all efficient in terms of weight or space. But luckily I have my Kindle. I always keep it updated with a ton of books of varying genres for my varying moods! The battery life on these is seriously impressive as well. I’ve never known anything to last as long! I would totally recommend any book and travel fan to get one.

International adaptor

I use this one as it has 3 USB ports, 1 HDMI port and a plug socket. What more could a girl ask for?!


Nothing can beat the durability and quality of Ultimate Ears speakers, in my opinion! I travel with the UE Boom 2, which is amazing. It’s waterproof, sand-proof, has incredible battery life and GOOD sound quality. It’s also the perfect size and not too heavy. In addition, you can pair it with other UE Boom speakers. So if you meet someone who is also travelling with one, you get double the sound!


What are your favourite electronics to travel with?

My Favourite Pieces Of Tech To Travel With


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