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Delightful Dubrovnik

Croatia. The travel hotspot of 2017. And I’m not surprised.

My best friend and I flew to Dubrovnik, because, well, firstly that’s where the airport is, but secondly, if you’re going to Croatia you’ve got to check out Dubrovs if you’re a GOT fan. It looks exactly like the photos, it’s beautiful and hot and the old stone walled architecture is stunning. However, it is RAMMED full of tourists with GOT tours hoarding in every direction. I would spend 1-2 nights there max, or even attempt to go off season if that option is available to you.

Things to do:

  • Get a boat over to Lokrum, but take a picnic! The local cafes etc take advantage of the tourists and if you don’t take a picnic you’ll be breaking the bank over a sarnie!
  • Factor into your budget a climb up the castle walls, it is well worth the view.
  • We discovered that an air bnb, with the price split between two of us, was in fact better value for money than a hotel or even a hostel! Do some research first.
  • Shop around for flights. We found cheap flights with Norwegian airlines and both agreed that it was the roomiest, cleanest, most pleasant flight that we’d had in a very long time! We would both thoroughly recommend them.

Following blog posts in the next few days will feature on other destinations that we went to in Croatia, because travelling around Croatia is a MUST. The places are so diverse and different to each other, it’s like you are getting lots of tiny little holidays and unique experiences in one great trip, and travelling around Croatia is easy as pie. So watch this space!



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